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About us

We are Stuart and Robert Lloyd (Father and Son team). We are both interested in design, engineering, aerospace and helping other like-minded people to achieve their project goals.  We don't have formal engineering qualifications (Robert is working steadily towards his goal of becoming an Aerospace Engineer).  Stuart has had an interest in radio controlled aircraft and multi-copters for many years and has built many projects.  Stuart was also involved (as a volunteer restorer) with a MK1 Hurricane restoration project in Somersham, England (2001) and always has a new design project or two on the go.

What kind of projects do we do?

We will look at any idea that is different or that we find interesting .  We also don't mind collaborating with other makers on joint projects.

Are any of the things you make available to the public?

Everything we make at the Bunker Workshop is available to the public through one way or another.  Some things are available as files for downloading, if you have your own 3D printer or we can print them for you and send them to you if you prefer.  Other, non-printed items are available from us at members launch days.  If there's something we have that you need then just drop us an email and (if we have any left) we will get it to you.

How can you find out about our current projects?

All of our projects are posted onto our You Tube channel - if you subscribe you will always get the latest news and videos.